Solar sundial

The Fascinating History of Hiking Watches: From Sundials to Smartwatches

The journey from the rudimentary ancient sundials etched in history’s bedrock to the pinnacle of smartwatch technology we strap on our wrists today is a remarkable tale of innovation and necessity. The history of hiking watches is not just a record of the progress of timekeeping devices but a narrative of the evolution of hiking … Read more

Hiker on mountain wearing watch

Best Hiking Watch of 2024: Expert’s Choice for Every Adventurer

As we approach 2024, the hiking watch technology available to adventurers has made navigating the great outdoors easier than ever before. Whether you’re scaling rugged terrains or exploring serene trails, the latest GPS watches are here to elevate your experience. Packed with cutting-edge features for the tech-savvy or offering essential functionalities for the budget-conscious, there’s … Read more

Hiking barometer watch weather

A Complete Guide to Barometers: Your Hiking Watch Barometer Can Predict The Weather

How to Use Your Hiking Watch’s Barometer Knowing the weather is super important for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. A barometer is an excellent tool that helps you figure out what the sky will do next by measuring the air pressure. When hiking, camping, climbing mountains, skiing, or snowboarding, a watch with a … Read more